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Effective, Quality Pet Training
Are you ready to take your pet's behavior to the next level?  TLC4Dogs can develop positive, desirable habits that compliment your dog's natural routine!

TLC's Doggie Camp Training Style
All new campers begin their program with positive reinforcement training.  Pets are started out with a style of "clicker training."  Owners can learn clicker training in private lessons.  Dogs are weaned off the clicker before returning home as they exhibit desirable choices on their own.

At TLC4Dogs, we teach you how to respond -- rather than react -- to your pet's behavior.  There are 8 choices of training styles to use to communicate with your dog when developing your training relationship.

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Owner Testimonials

"I feel like it's the best money and time that I've ever invested.  I'm very proud of them!" -
Ann Meek, Creative Producer, MTV's Newlyweds

"Thanks so much for all your help with the dogs!  It was comforting to know they were well cared for." -
Meg and Mike

"Totally Natural Training has taught me how to better communicate and understand my 'best friend.'  I recommend utilizing this school (form/brand/style) as a natural method for dog obedience training.  The amount of time spent away and/or amount of money spent does not (and will not) compare with its rewards." -
Jeanette & King

"Thank you for all your time and help.  I hope we all work together again very soon." -
Philip, Totally Animals, previously hosted by John Ritter

"We are loving our dog - she is so cute and so good!  Gary loves that she goes to her pillow and stays there.  Thanks for all your great work!"  --
Marie and Gary

"Ocean spent six weeks in Doggie Camp and returned home a remarkable dog.  Everyone we met there who worked with Ocean clearly loves animals, and that love is reflected in the work they do."  --
Don Hunt

"We felt very confident leaving them in your care when we went on vacation.  When we returned, they were in great spirits. The house was in great order and we again felt safe having left them in your care." -
Helene Gallub

"I am truly impressed with the high level of service, and care given to 'Brisket' while he is with you.  We have been searching for someone like you for five years." -
Terry Novorr

Public & Community Interaction
On a typical Saturday morning, you can find our team conducting a group class at Crestview Park, and then winding down afterward at Starbuck's in Camarillo for reinforcement training.  Our staff is often seen about town on our daily walks, local parks and pet stores conducting lessons, and shopping centers conducting public training.

We at TLC4Dogs feel strongly about educating our community about animal behavior and wellness.  In an effort to do so, we provide an educational and theraputic program for children at Casa Pacifica, a local special needs facility. We conduct educational programs at local schools on appropriate care and relationships with animals, and have been asked by many of the local area middle and high schools to speak at career programs.  We have also conducted educational programs for the Boys and Girls Club and the Scouts.  Additionally, we bring joy to senior citizens in local nursing homes and extended care hospitals, as well as patients at local hospitals. Presently we are being noticed for our work with autism and service animals research through UCLA & USC.

We are available for seminars and field trips to the animal shelter, and also visits to public spaces in the community.  Allowing pets to interact with the community adds to the long-term reinforcement value of their training, while bringing joy and knowledge to the community.

Join Us At Doggie Camp!

If you aren't already a member, register on-line today to enroll in Doggie Camp.  Our skilled, knowledgeable staff will work closely with you to identify your pet's current and desired behaviors and work with you to solidify training concepts before, during, and after the training process.

Read to enroll?  Contact us today!

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