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Who do I call if I have an emergency?  Back to top

Poison Control
Veterinary Medical & Surgical Group
911 Vets
Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park
Animal Regulation
Humane Society
Pet Loss Bereavement Coaching
California Wildlife Center

What dog food do you recommend?  Back to top

Nature’s variety
Lincoln, NE
Old Mother Hubbard
Lowell, MA
Natural Choice Ultra
Nutro Products, Inc.
City of Industry, CA
Canidae Corp.
San Luis Obispo, CA
Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul
Diamond Pet Products (a division of Schell and Kampeter)
Meta, MO
Solid Gold Health Products for Pets
El Cajon, CA
Natura Pet Products
Santa Clara, CA
Solid Gold Health Products for Pets
El Cajon, CA
Natural Balance Ultra Premium
Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance
Pacoima, CA

What kind of equipment is used in TLC training programs?
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TLC4Dogs uses several types of equipment in training your pets.  The best equipment suited for your pet's training can be discussed during interviews or lessons.  There are many types of training eqipment available.

Most equipment does not come with instructions, and can be harmful to your pet when used improperly.  Our knowledgeable staff will train your dog effectively and carefully.  Some of our favorite equipment includes head collars, leather leashes, fluffy/large pillows, bait bags, large and small confinement areas, x-pens, clickers, pooper scoopers, and unbreakable toys.

What is TLC's training agenda?  Back to top

We train any breed over 8 weeks old.  No matter what training program you decide best suits you and your dog, we customize your dog's training to fit your lifestyle.  Home training objectives include:

                         Patterned behaviors for greeting people and respecting furniture
                         Potty training
                         Boundary training at gates and doors
                         "Stay" on a pillow, even while company is over or kids are running around

One of our lifesaving objectives is our swimming program.  This is for our customers who have pools.  Dogs that don't like water do not always know what to do when they fall into a pool.  To prevent accidents, we train dogs to swim to the steps and to safety.

When is the right time to begin training?  Back to top

As soon as possible!  There is no such thing as not training; if you don't teach your pet good habits early on, they'll quickly develop ones you don't want.

My dog listens to me inside the house.  Why is he "ignoring" me in other places?  Back to top

Because there are a lot of really interesting things "out there" -- even more interesting than us!  Seriously, if your pet knows the behavior inside the house only, then the dog has not yet generalized or truly learned the behavior.

Why does my dog listen only when I have food in my hand?  Back to top

If we train our pets with food alone, then the behavior will be paired with, and generally only accur when, food is present.

When will my dog be completely trained?  Back to top

Training is a lifetime process.  Once behaviors are learned, they will have to be reinforced periodically to be dependable.

Where is TLC4Dogs located?  Back to top

TLC is conveniently located in Camarillo, California, just 15 minutes outside of Ventura.  For directions to our facilities, contact TLC4Dogs at 1-877-DOG4TLC or (805) 484-8999.  Or,
click here to contact us via the web.

I think my dog is untrainable!  Back to top

We have two questions for you:  does your dog react to the doorbell?  And, does he react to you opening a food can, or pouring food into his bowl?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, then yes, there truly is hope,  even for your dog.

How do I enroll in a TLC4Dogs training course?  Back to top

To get started, contact team TLC to learn more about each of our training programs, and find out which one best suits your lifestyle.  Our skilled, friendly staff will be glad to answer any questions you have before, during, and after the training process is complete. 
Click here to contact us via the web.