Positive dog training ensures you and your pet enjoy companionship for many years to come. The Learning Center for Dogs has a wide array of training programs designed to provide the best dogs possible for your lifestyle. 

Training any breed of dog begins as early as 8 weeks. You can never start too early, as long as it's done positively and correctly! TLC4DOGS is where your dog will blossom into a little lady or gentleman. Click Here to see pictures.



   for greeting people and furniture

  Potty training
  Patterned behaviors for boundary
   training at gates and doors

  Stay on a pillow, even while
   company is over or the kids are
   running around

  Replacement behaviors for the
   already learned "undesirable habits"

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Training Service and Therapy Dogs continues the work Crystal loved doing herself.
Crystal Foundation is continuing their work and research into the effects Therapy Dogs have on Children with Autism. Founded on the commitment of serving dog's and their humans. Pet Advocacy and the benefit of Therapy Animals is our primary focus.
Click here to visit Crystal Foundation website

Make sure you interview trainers for:

                 Style of training
                 Equipment used
                 Programs offered
                 Continuing education

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(Left to right) "Patches" and "Crystal."