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Susan Kraft, owner of TLC4Dogs, has an extensive background in providing animal talent to the major motion picture industry.  Some of Susan's studio credits include
Warlock II, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Encino Man, Beethoven's 2nd, and To Dance with the White Dog.

She has also appeared on many television series such as MTV's Newlyweds Show, Fox Kids T.V., Roseanne, Coach, and Picket Fences.  (Click here for a full list of TLC's film and print credits.)

Susan's team of skilled, knowledgeable trainers will customize your dog's training program to fit your lifestyle, meaning you are involved in the training process every step of the way.

True socialization is about having your animal not  react to its environment.  TLC can instill effective, useful skills into your dog's natural routine.

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Must Pass Basic Handling Skills Test
YARD MONITORS:  "FUN" Pack leader in dog's play yards. Making sure everyone plays nicely and shares. Keeping up the sanitation.
DOG WALKERS:  Must be physically fit...runners are a PLUS!  An assertive Pack Leader to guide dogs through the local Camarillo terrain.  
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                       Susan Kraft
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